10 Best Virus Protection 2020 – Ensure Complete PC Protection

There are hundreds of cybersecurity protection software available in the market. They all promise to provide the best security at the best available quality. However, before you choose one for your protection, you have to make a critical examination of various available alternatives. It is crucial that you purchase the solution of a trustworthy brand and the one that is among the best virus protection in the market. To help you in making an appropriate choice, we are stating the 10 best cybersecurity solutions. Review the details provided and make the choice that suits you the best.

Basis Of Comparison- Criterias to look out for choosing the best Antivirus

There are a few areas we should focus on for making the right choice. Since cybersecurity plays a vital role in our digital life, we should carefully focus on several aspects. Following are the criteria we will look out for rating the best virus protection 2020.

  • Malware Protection
  • Performance
  • Added Features
  • Interface
  • Availability of Trial
  • Cost

Virus Protection

Overview of 10 Best Virus Protection Software

  • Webroot

Webroot is a high-performance cyber-protection software that is designed with an exclusive interface and various safety features. In a budget-friendly cost, this software offers ultimate protection from all the cyber threats. It has simple protection solutions that offer a friendly vibe to the users and help them get the protection they are looking for. Some of its key features that make it top the list of best virus protection software are real-time malware protection, ultra-fast scanning, no disruption working, system optimization, high-end online storage, firewall monitoring, and a lot more.

  • Norton 

Norton is one of the prominent cyber threat protection software which is widely marketed. It offers amazing protection across all the devices and operating systems. This software has a well-built and user-friendly interface. It has a lot of considerable features such as real-time protection, password manager, free-trial, cloud backup, and more. However, there are areas that need some improvement. The performance of Norton antivirus is required to be improved. Also, the threat blocking feature must also be focused on. 

  • McAfee

McAfee with its high-end threat protection has managed to take a place in the list of 10 best virus protection software. One of the highlighted features of this software is the “My Home Network” feature. It gives you control over your devices and helps you in keeping your devices secure. Its impressive range of products and features is a must to look at. Some of its disadvantages are high frequency of popup messages, battery-intensive apps, etc. 

  • Bitdefender 

One of the best software that is known for its add on features is Bitdefender. It is a feature-packed product that has more than a million users globally. Some of its extensive range of features are tune-up tools, virtual protection networks, parental control, password manager, web protection, spam protection, and a lot more. You can also use this antivirus protection on all your devices and protect them with top-rated features.

  • Kaspersky

Kaspersky is highly-known antivirus software that offers impressive features so as to keep your online banking and other payments secure. If you are the one who makes most of your payments via online portals or wallets, then you must get your hands on Kaspersky security solutions. It has perfect malware detection features and provides ultimate protection from them. It has several other features too that makes it worth a buy. It is a cost-effective product with effective financial protection. 

  • BullGuard

It is a high powered protection software that works best for the gamers. If you are looking for a cybersecurity software with high-end malware protection with additional features, then this software is a must to try for you. This software has given a tough competition to other alternatives through its features like game boosting, cloud backup, powerful protection, system optimization, etc. You can also start using this software with its trial version and move to the purchased subscription with full satisfaction and confidence. 

  • Trend Micro

It is one of the best software for phishing protection. There are several solutions offered by Trend Micro which can be used on multiple devices. The protection and privacy capabilities of Trend Micro solutions are top-notch and provide the best of the protection. Using this software you can prevent your device and data from malicious websites who seek your information and try to hack your system. 

  • Avast

Avast is a feature-packed suite of cybersecurity protection that has taken a place in the list of the 10 best virus protection software 2020. It offers an effective protective shield with a versatile range of features such as password manager, anti-phishing protection, file shredder, user-friendly interface, and etc. The only drawback of the software is that it slows down the device. Other than that, if you are looking for a software solution at a pocket-friendly price with ultimate features then Avast is the best option. 

  • Avira

With top-rated features, Avira is a perfect choice for providing reliable protection to your device. Some of its notable features that must be looked at are unlimited VPN, pro password management, multi-layer digital protection, anti-malware engine, and more. Along with these features, it has system speed optimization tools that make it worth every penny.  Using this software you can improve your system startup time, gamings, and a lot more. 

  • Sophos Home

It is a great option if you are looking for a full home protection software. Sophos can protect up to 10 devices with Avant-garde technology. This software provides one of the best cloud-based device controls. Its easy-to-understand interface makes its usage more simpler and enjoyable. However, it too has some disadvantages. These disadvantages are the lack of scan scheduling and limited user control. Irrespective of these drawbacks, it is a great option to consider. 

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